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Hey, I'm Renzo!

Orthomolecular epigenetic nutritionist.

I‘m captured and fascinated with the abilities and mechanisms of the body and mind and the influence our habits, diets, environments and lifestyles have on our wellbeing. 

I share information that is pragmatic, science-based and has a flair of fun for you to gain (back) control over your health and vitality. So, no bullsh*tty sales funnels, pushy marketing tricks or magic pills. 

Health, joy and vitality are an ongoing process and (in my opinion) worthwhile the investment — time and money. 

I’m here to support you to experiment and figure out what works best for you. There’s no singular truth when it comes to what works for everyone. 

Some think I’m crazy, others think I saved their health.  

Learn more. Decide for yourself. Reach out when you need me. 


Anaïta Nasser
Life Coach

“I would like to advise everyone to do an annual check [EMB Blood test] with Renzo. After the extensive report of the blood-test Renzo took a lot of time to explain, and discuss the results. I learned a lot from Renzo and it brought me further in my process. My health complaints were mostly related to gut- and hormonal issues. Renzo was able to give me insight into the source of underlying issues and how they result on the surface, but also how to heal them. 

I especially liked the extensive explanation of the practical steps to take and goals to set. Apart from nutrition tips he dove deep into which supplements to take and not to take, more relaxation tips and improving my sleep. 

Renzo works professionally and with a lot of patience and attention.”

Lifestyle Reprogramming.

You're not designed to live in an empty slur.
Or to settle for what's available.
And above all — your genes aren't your destiny.

Regain focus & discipline.
Sync body and mind.
Implement sustainable habits.

Change your lifestyle from the inside-out.

My work is based upon

I use a combination of science-based evidence and practise-based evidence approach to my work.  This means that I use modern science as well as implementing achieved results with evolutionary perspectives and common sense.

Science-Based Evidence

Practice-Based Evidence

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