How to live?

To try, to fail, to seek, to find, to lose. To play and to dream. To love.

Move. Dis is life.

In search for the sweet spot. Where chaos and peace intersect.

Hop on board. Enjoy the search. My page is a passion project.

And life should be no different.

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Focus & Self-Discipline

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

Lifestyle Reprogramming.

You're not designed to live in an empty slur.
Or to settle for what's available.
And above all — your genes aren't your destiny.

Regain focus & discipline.
Sync body and mind.
Implement sustainable habits.

Change your lifestyle from the inside-out.


Long story short. The heart of my content goes something along the following lines:

I’m captured and fascinated by the abilities and mechanisms of the body, mind and spirit. This goes hand in hand with our daily choices, environment and ways in which we decide to move through and perceive life. These factors have a profound impact on our vitality and joy. 

Yet, as important as, in my eyes vitality is a means to an end. Without it, it’s hard to enjoy life. But living with a spark and a touch of ‘joie de vivre’ is the ultimate objective. But how to we arrive at such a destination? 

It’s the million-dollar question.

Whilst many people still chase down the almighty dollar, an increasing amount of people are building wealth in the sense of health, connection with nature and entrepreneurial pursuits. It’s for the brave and the curious seeking beyond simple pleasures who ultimately seem to find what we’re all looking for — peace of mind. 


It’s my mission to find answers. 

Thank you for sticking around. 

Enjoy reading, listening and engaging. 

Wanna get to know the person behind the screen?  

Latest Articles

notes on how to live

Notes On How To Live

The point of life is overcoming fear. Just so that you can live. Fear makes you absentThe antidote to fear is being present.It’s so simple it kind of sucks.  When you’re trying to heal yourself from fear perpetually you’ll never heal. You’ll always think you are broken and afraid. Just because you laser your attention

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Beat The Beaten Track

Life advice from a wise farmer

“If you see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.” — Joseph Campbell The cornfield “Are you sure you’re walking down that path again?” The wise farmer said. You’re stopped dead

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Treating Migraine (How To Find The Root Cause)

Personal story   I used to struggle with migraine a lot. When I started to take it more seriously I found myself with a huge list of triggers. But the solutions came to me years later when I started studying orthomolecular therapy 3 years ago. I started changing a bunch of things in my lifestyle,

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How To Overcome Loneliness And Change The World

It seems a hype, a trend, a cool topic and it seems people are proud to be able to go about life, alone. Like it’s something you achieve and can wear it like a medal of achievement. “You have to learn to be alone.” “You have to be self-sufficient, independent.” “You should be able to

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Sailing In Cyclone Season

Sailing In Cyclone Season

Listen to audio version Sailing adventure  3 months ago I bought a sailing yacht with the 2 most adventurous nutters Aito and Bob. They are 2 wild men with an infectious laugh, evergreen adventurous spirit, big ambitions, to be found on any riding, gliding or sliding, engined or man-powered ‘vehicle’. Lotta is a 42 feet

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Long-COVID, An Orthomolecular Approach

A virus has shined a light on the things that have been shoved to the background for decades. All of a sudden we’re forced to reevaluate the things that truly matter most; to focus on the importance of our loved ones, the way we’re driving the economy, the impact we have on our environment and

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My work is based upon

I use a combination of science-based evidence and practise-based evidence approach to my work.  This means that I use modern science as well as implementing achieved results with evolutionary perspectives and common sense.

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