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Is It Time For A Change?

We’re always given options. At the very base, the options are which thoughts, feelings and attitudes we choose to adopt.
And if you’re a free human — which you most likely are — you have the option to act, move, connect and behave in different ways. 

You could be one decision, one story, one book, one podcast — or one click — away from transforming your life. 





Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics




Purpose & Passion



Pleased to meet you, Renzo here!

Pleased to meet you, Renzo here!

Renzo Kaashoek

“I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanisms and the possibilities of the human body and mind. As an orthomolecular epigenetic therapist, coach and a trainer of over a handful of different sports, I find great fulfillment in helping people overcome their obstacles, heal and thrive. I have integrated different approaches into my work such as nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching, natural medicine, personal training and more.

Vitality and wellbeing, to embody a unique self-expression and mobility, empowered by a clear personal vision and a sprinkle of adventure, is my personal ideal world. It tickles me to share it with the world. And I don’t think anything inspires me more than witnessing people confronting and overcoming their obstacles and challenges.”

Renzo Kaashoek

Lifestyle Reprogramming™

✓ Discover And Hone Your Passion, Purpose & Talents
✓ Boost Your Strength, Energy And Happiness
✓ Unleash Your Potential
✓ Supercharge Your Health

My work is based upon

Science Based Evidence

Practice Based Evidence

I use a combination of science based evidence and practise based evidence approach to nutrition therapy, natural medicine and lifestyle and quantum physics.  This means that I look at science as well as focussing on achieved results and improvements. As an orthomolecular epigenetic therapist, trainer/coach and movement teacher my mission is to help develop a optimal lifestyle for my clients to heal, to thrive and to overcome their obstacles. 

Recent Articles


Long-COVID, An Orthomolecular Approach

A virus has shined a light on the things that have been shoved to the background for decades. All of a sudden we’re forced to reevaluate the things that truly matter most; to focus on the importance of our loved ones, the way we’re driving the economy, the impact we have on our environment and

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Everything You Need To Know About Omega-3

Omega-3, Everything You Need To Know About This Essential Nutrient

Omega-3 is an essential fatty-acid, which means that our bodies can’t make it, and thus we have to get it from our diet. It improves overall health such as eye and brain health, brain function, fights inflammation, prevent degenerative disease, fight depression and anxiety, supports immune system, and much more. The bottom line? It’s well

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COVID-19 Prevention, Support Your Immune System

From a historical point of view we already know that humans are naturally really good at adjusting and solving problems which can be perceived by our senses. But unfortunately, we aren’t as good at problem solving when it comes to things we can’t see, touch, hear, smell or taste. What do you believe about something

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Freedom And Commitment Go Hand In Hand

I used to believe that turning away from commitment provides freedom. Because, if you don’t commit you’re free like a bird, right? But there’s something I was missing. Birds commit. Birds build nests, birds take on huge migrations annually, birds collect food daily, ect. Birds are free, not despite, but because they commit. Contents: First things first

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Oaxaca, Mexico

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Did you ever wonder what moves your behaviour? Did you ever stop to ask yourself where your beliefs come from? Did you ever think about what you think is actually something you truly believe? All these question refer back to the complex system formed in our brain. Does your conditioning define your life? No, your

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The Journal "Gone Mellow"

I slung a pack on my back in 2015. A lot has changed since and writing has become an outlet and creative hobby in the years on the road. This journal is my window to the world, where I share some of my personal experiences, lessons and reflections.

“Where chaos and peace meet, in the search of balance, driven to create a tribe of story tellers, which we all are.”

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