A love letter to Melbourne

It started as “just a cheap ticket from Hawai’i”. Then I left Melbourne – to work on a farm in the north – and came back 2 weeks later (it’s something with my planning). I went like “I’m gonna go back to Melbourne and find a job until the beginning of April”. But then the beginning of April became the beginning of May… and the beginning of May became the beginning of June. But now there is no postponing anymore and my surrounding is going to change in a few days from my own apartment in a 4.5 million-people-city with palm trees to an island as big as the Netherlands and Belgium together: Sri Lanka.

It’s incredible how easy it is to build up a life on the other side of the world in no time. An awesome job, great people and a place that keeps you warm. You can find it everywhere I reckon, but I was very lucky. It’s actually scary how easy it is to get comfortable in one place and end up staying there. That’s why it’s now a good time to leave and to go somewhere new.

I wrote a “see ya’ later” letter to some amazing people I’ve given and received heaps of love from. If I could write a “farewell love letter” to this way-to-big-for-Renzo-city it would go like:

Dear Melbourne,

Sorry that I didn’t have faith in you in the beginning just because you’re such a massive concrete jungle. BUT, You’ve proven me the little-town-heart that you have when you got me in touch with your beautiful suburb Saint Kilda. The palm trees, the bay, the people, and amazing vibe have touched my heart.

 I have lived inside of you and I’ve never seen so many dirty dished and trash on the floor… but outside of the apartment you’re such a beautiful babe!

I can’t say anything but thank you: for letting me jump off the pier butt naked, for letting me skate in your bowl, for getting me in touch with AMAZING people, for giving me a great job, for improving my English, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, gibberish and Dutch(?), and also for improving my I-act-like-I-understand-you-but-I-don’t-f*cking-know-what-you’re-saying skills, for awesome karaoke nights, for a hectic trip to Grampians national park, for teaching me how to make sweet as(s) coffees, for the times when I gave boxing lessons in your park, for the over head waves of the gorgeousness of Torquay, for the best and cheap skate- and surfboard, for the amazing weather (the first 2 months only), for the WICKED party on my birthday (btw, sorry for the broken chair and frame and for screaming through the mic and for annoying people and drinking too much and, yeah, all the rest..) and, last but not least, for the hours and hours of laughter!!! 

Oh, and thank you for these other good things too: for when I got evacuated from the bay because of sharks, for when Rabinder and I couldn’t jump off the pier because of your huge jellyfish, for when Rabinder and I broke a car, for when we got a $777 fine too, for when I didn’t have a key to lock up and had to spent a night at work on my own, for when your concrete hurt my skin after falling from my skateboard (many times), for when I came to Australia for the great weather but you ended up getting cold as f*ck, for making me wet too (if you know what I mean), for giving me a burned skin and made me peal (the first 2 months only), for your addicted people who attacked us (I swear I didn’t even say a word, neither looked at him..), for the moment when I woke up with a massive hangover the day after my birthday and for other times when you gave me hectic hangovers!!!

I love you, but… it is time to wave you goodbye and move on, you’re just getting too cold and back home they’re making fun of me. 

When you see your beautiful neighbour (the Great Ocean Road) again please tell her that I love her too. I saw her last week for the last time and surfed her amazing curves with Rabinder, but I forgot to tell her how gorgeous she is. Her winding roads and amazing nature are craved in my heart.

Chance is that I’m never gonna see you again because you keep growing and it won’t be the same, so good luck on your own from here. Take care and stay warm (that was a joke, hope you got that, haha…) 

All my love to you,

PS don’t forget that I’ve loved our nights together when you showed me your beautiful colours when sending the sun to my friends and family back home.

PSS our last nights with home made cookies and good music will never be forgotten!

Every good thing comes to an end and that doesn’t necessarily needs to be a bad thing. Because you know new good things will come and that’s what life’s all about.

“Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s everything in between that makes life worth living.”

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Oh, and there will be some grammatical slips here and there. So here’s my apologies in advantage (that was a joke), but as long as I’m getting the point across I’m pretty stoked. 

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