Hi, I'm Renzo.

A skillful daydreamer and passionate adventure

“I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanisms and the possibilities of the human body and mind.”

No one-size fits all
No one-size fits all method, short-cuts or magic pills in my alley. “The average person has one testicle and one boob”, it means there ain’t no average person. I like to remind myself and others that what works for you might not work for me and vice versa. This makes life more exciting, and damn complicated! 

Adventure & daydreaming 
I love, like, really love my own fantasy world. It’s just more adventurous, wild and humanistic, you know? If I had the option to disappear and live up there you probably wouldn’t hear from me ever again. It’s definitely a bit chaotic up in there. Sometimes it frustrates me (and others, haha), but it also reflects into my life in beautiful ways such as great adventures, friends of all walks and many interests and passions. Slowly but surely I’m finding ways to live with my monkey-mind and the tickle in my feet that eternally seem to be wanting to bounce around to explore and discover. 

Writing & story telling 
Writing started as a way to share my adventures on the road and express what I felt and learned on my travels. I found out how much I enjoy sharing stories. Especially when shit hits the fan. It helped me processing my experiences and mentally making sense of all the beautiful and all the shit. 

Inserting words on screens has become a useful bridge between my studies (orthomolecular epigenetic therapy), my need for adventure, living in my fantasy world and using time to sit with myself and contemplate on various topics of life I find interesting. 

My next project is the Rambling Renzo podcast.

My highest essentials
Since my 20th birthday a backpack has always been my toolkit and my highest essential. This has helped me to adventure around, shift perspectives and interact with humans from different backgrounds and cultures. Moving around with just a backpack has helped me — including many others — put a lot of modern-world problems into perspective and enriched lives in ways that many other materials wouldn’t be able to.

My next essential would be a sense of community. The feeling of support, shared vision, inspiration and contribution are all fruits of community and real human connection.

The last but not least essential would be exercise and sports. Again, this often helps build community and friendships. But exercise also creates new possibilities. This implies health, new ways to move, interaction, play, expression and puts people into a mental state of joy and flow.

Meaningful lifestyle
So, I’m working towards a life where I can implement the things that I am most passionate about. We can’t always be happy, neither I think that’s what we should aim for. But we can choose to live a life with a sense of meaning that makes the inevitable day-to-day struggle feel worthwhile. So, during the time that I’m trying to figure it out a bit I’m aiming to bring parts of my fantasy world to life and fuel it with bloody passion!

My Articles

There will be some grammatical slips here and there. So here’s my apologies in advantage (that was a joke), but as long as I’m getting the point across I’m pretty stoked. 

What I share and write about only goes as far as I’ve expended my own mind, body and soul. You need to think about what is right and holds true for ya’self. I’m merely sharing what I’m seeing and experiencing through the lens of my eyes, shaped by my lessons, studies and experiences, along with the research and studies of professionals in the particular field. I’m here to share but have no means of taking others’ credit or claiming to provide you with ‘the truth’. 

I’m always open and interested to hear your perspectives, even if my content is not in alignment with yours. 

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