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Renzo and "Gone Mellow"

Renzo Kaashoek

Hi, I'm Renzo!

Hi! I’m Renzo, a smiling fella from the Netherlands who loves a good chat, the road, to be active and to write from time to time. I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanism and the possibilities of the human body and mind. With a background in teaching various kinds of sports and as an orthomolecular epigenetic therapist, personal trainer and coach I’m moved to create more awareness around our wellbeing, lifestyles and human potential. 

A student of life
For the first part of my 20’s a backpack has been my toolkit and my essential. Travelling has helped me to shift perspectives and interact with humans from different backgrounds and cultures. The road teaches you how to cope with surprises, how to trust and how to let go. It’s shown me that trusting and being vulnerable is rewarded with the most beautiful and unexpected experiences. Rather do I trust and fail than be a cynic and be right. 

What is health?

We’re constantly bombarded with information around health and lifestyle about what to do and what not to do. From the media, to the internet, to our social circle; everyone is saying something else. But, what do you believe? 

I don’t believe there’s one truth. There’s a saying that the average person has one testicle and one boob, which means: there is no average person. Every human is different and unique. Of course, there’s overall guidelines which are helpful to the majority. But from there you’ll have to tweak, adjust and experiment to find the right balance and harmony for yourself. Wellbeing is rather a journey

I want to optimise your health rather than only reach the absence of disease. So, what is health in my eyes? In my eyes it’s feeling vitally alive and be flexible enough to adjust to unexpected situations. I like to use a no-bullshit approach to this journey. Health comes from within and it’s my passion and mission to spark your engine and help you find the right fuel for your body. 

Have questions, need help or wanna share?

Me And My Articles

There will be some grammatical slips here and there. So here’s my apologies in advantage (that was a joke), but as long as I’m getting the point across I’m pretty happy. 

What I share and write about only goes as far as I’ve expended my own mind, body and soul. You need to think about what is right and holds true for ya’self. I’m merely sharing what I’m seeing and experiencing through the lens of my eyes, shaped by my lessons, studies and experiences, along with the research and studies of professionals in the particular field. I’m here to share but have no means of taking others’ credit or claiming to provide you with ‘the truth’. 

I’m always open and interested to hear your perspectives, even — or especially — if my content is not in alignment with yours. But more importantly, I’m here to reach out a hand — or actually, I’m a little scroll up …

Renzo Kaashoek

"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have advetnures"

How The Journal "Gone Mellow" Came To Life

In 2015 I slung a pack on my back and didn’t return until 1,5 years later. Along the road I’d been writing and sharing about my experiences, lessons and adventures. When I came home I was struck with only 1 question: “where and what is home?“.

A week later I found myself in the white Alps of Austria. It was early December 2017 and snow fell out of the sky like it was never going to stop. One of those nights I hiked up a steep, dark slope to get a breath of fresh air. Alone, but with an unstoppable monkey mind which was the driving force behind a fast pace. As soon as I strapped my board under my feet and followed the light of my head torch down the dark slope my wild thoughts slowed down and I forgot about my endless questioning. An idea came to mind after I drove back to my apartment: “lose your mind, find your soul”

I took off on another big trip later that following year and the idea had been on my mind since that winter. Getting lost from time to time is a teacher like no other. It’s helped me shift perspective and showed me that the world is an oyster, mentor and a home. It’s where you get lost and learn more about yourself again, and again, and again. 

Some years later COVID-19 mercilessly shook the world and put us between walls, isolated and quarantined. I took out a pen and paper and gave birth — Gone Mellow was born: “a place where chaos and peace meet, in the search of balance, driven to create a tribe of story tellers, which we all are.” Along the road of uncertainty, fuelled by passion, purpose and an evergreen desire to explore, to learn and to play. 

Thank you for your time and attention! I’d love to hear from you and/or connect. 

Keep exploring, dancing and playing, and always loving.
Grand wishes, Renz


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