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Hi, here’s me.

I finished collage, packed my backpack and slung it on my back in 2015 to hit the road with some cash I had earned over that summer. My first website Mellow Nomadic was born that year with the help of mum and my brother Pablo A.K.A. Panda.

Mellow Nomadic had a rebirth with the name Gone Mellow a few years later. Why? I liked the name. It was focussed on travel writing/blogging, but I wasn’t anyway near consistent with writing articles (and I still ain’t).

A lot had changed over the years, but writing had become an outlet and creative hobby whilst being on the road. My digital journal became my window to the world, where I wrote about some personal experiences, lessons, struggles and reflections. It’s been a ‘lil chaotic from time to time, but — as my mum would say — chaos is also a system! 

I travelled for 4,5 years straight. Living and working on the road. It was exhausting, yet exciting. In 2020 I started studying orthomolecular epigenetic medicine therapy — I know right, mouth full — and finished 3 years later. 

After finishing my studies Gone Mellow had a rebirth and became Renzo Kaashoek (how creative?). My intention was to pursue some online business focussed on vitality and health, which are the core and extremities of my study. But I couldn’t be bothered to take online business too serious. I felt my energy — and, perhaps you could say life force — slowly fading in the mist of single minded focus (you know, on health). 

Adventure, creativity and play (trying sh*t and failing) all have one thing in common which is some unknown and undefined outcome. And that’s exactly what I felt was slipping away as I was forcing myself into this one particular field.


I thoroughly support the importance of health and vitality. But to me it’s also a means to an end. You know, like you have a vehicle to go places. Having a functioning vehicle is important. But then you wanna go places and enjoy it, don’t you? 

So here we are.

I returned to the more conversational, introspective and informal style of writing. Which really helps keeping my youthful spirit alive by writing about anything that sparks my interest. From story telling, to contemplating on life, to sharing novel and/or pragmatic information on vitality, finding purpose & joy, adventure and much more.

The fruits of my labour are to touch or rekindle the youthful spirit within you — and my other readers and listeners. 

“To do it or not to do it. The time will pass anyway.”

It’s nice to have you here. Thanks for sticking around. 

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