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Here’s a collection of all my articles. A (deep-)dive into mental and physical health, performance, spirituality, nutrition, individual-growth and more random stuff

With none of my articles I try to convince you of “the truth“. I’m merely sharing and expressing what I’m seeing through the lens of my eyes shaped by my lessons, studies and experiences, along with the research and studies of professionals in the particular field. I can’t emphasise enough to always keep doing the research for yourself and staying objective. 

I’m always open and interested to receive your perspective, even if my content is not in alignment with yours. You can find me here, or you can visit the FAQ Page

Freedom And Commitment Go Hand In Hand

I used to believe that turning away from commitment provides freedom. Because, if you don’t commit you’re free like a bird, right? But there’s something I was missing. Birds commit....

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Oaxaca, Mexico

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Did you ever wonder what moves your behaviour? Did you ever stop to ask yourself where your beliefs come from? Did you ever think about what you think is actually...

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