The Journal Behind the Scene

"Gone Mellow"

You found me.

You… bloody curious bastard!

Well, hello then, friend, have a seat, turn on some background tunes and get ya’self comfortable. You’ve made it behind the scene. The operating system. Here’s the truth I’ve been trying to hide from you.

And after I’m done making you this brew we’re gonna go full story mode.

And you… may never leave.

"The world is your oyster, mentor and home."

Why would you read stories of someone you don’t know? I don’t know. Wanna know a bit more?

I slung a pack on my back in 2015 and my old website ‘Gone Mellow’ was born. A lot has changed since, but writing had become an outlet and creative hobby whilst on the road. This journal became my window to the world, where I write about personal experiences, lessons, struggles and reflections. It gets a lil’ chaotic from time to time, but — as my mum would say — chaos is also a system.

But to be honest this is still the backbone to my page. This is what tickles me the most even though I haven’t been prioritising this page lately. Maybe soon I will again? 

Adventure — to me — is what makes life worthwhile, thrilling, fun. More lively. 

The safety nets, the mundane day to day stroll and the socially accepted attitudes get old real quick. I know there’s exciting challenges here as well. But it’s never thrilled me, neither been my goal to ‘fit in’. Instead, I believe you should find your people. Find your thrill. Shed your old skin and recondition yourself with new experiences and share them with those you love. 

That time we think is coming? It’s not. It won’t just appear.

You have to seek to find. 

Risk it to get the biscuit. 

Seek the discomfort so you can grow. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. It’s the only way to fulfilment.

Get challenged. 

Be brave. 

The train ain’t waiting.

Seek and you'll find

Or Ask.

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