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The world is your oyster, mentor and home.

Gone Mellow, where chaos and peace meet,
In the search of balance, driven to create a tribe of story tellers, which we all are.

Shining a Light on Wellbeing

This website, blog, chaotic combination of organised photo’s, letters and words on your screen — or any other way you wanna call it — is my window to the world. I want to shine a light on the steps we can take to improve our overall wellbeing, lifestyles and human potential. We dive into vitality and complete health translated into 3 systems: body, mind and spirit. Simultaneously Gone Mellow is a creative outlet for travel writing and my homebase for health coaching and advice. 

Most of us are on a journey to figure ‘it’ out. Most of us look outside, some look within, some follow a passion, some read books and others travel to the vast corners of our beautiful planet to lose themselves in flowers and trees. We’re all story tellers in our own way, so this window is open to anyone to swing by and have a look inside my life on the road. Dive into the journal here.

I’m as excited to share with you as I am to connect with you. If you want to learn more about Gone Mellow, hover over and click on the button — you can do it! Or reach out below.

You’re heaps appreciated for travelling along on this platform. Life moves different from time to time so I can’t always promise a fast reply. But, I’ll promise to get back to your comment, Email or even criticism. Yehw! 

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Beat The Beaten Track

Life advice from a wise farmer

“If you see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.” — Joseph Campbell The cornfield “Are you sure you’re walking down that path again?” The wise farmer said. You’re stopped dead

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Treating Migraine (How To Find The Root Cause)

Personal story   I used to struggle with migraine a lot. When I started to take it more seriously I found myself with a huge list of triggers. But the solutions came to me years later when I started studying orthomolecular therapy 3 years ago. I started changing a bunch of things in my lifestyle,

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How To Overcome Loneliness And Change The World

It seems a hype, a trend, a cool topic and it seems people are proud to be able to go about life, alone. Like it’s something you achieve and can wear it like a medal of achievement. “You have to learn to be alone.” “You have to be self-sufficient, independent.” “You should be able to

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Long-COVID, An Orthomolecular Approach

A virus has shined a light on the things that have been shoved to the background for decades. All of a sudden we’re forced to reevaluate the things that truly matter most; to focus on the importance of our loved ones, the way we’re driving the economy, the impact we have on our environment and

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Everything You Need To Know About Omega-3

Omega-3, Everything You Need To Know About This Essential Nutrient

Omega-3 is an essential fatty-acid, which means that our bodies can’t make it, and thus we have to get it from our diet. It improves overall health such as eye and brain health, brain function, fights inflammation, prevent degenerative disease, fight depression and anxiety, supports immune system, and much more. The bottom line? It’s well

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COVID-19 Prevention, Support Your Immune System

From a historical point of view we already know that humans are naturally really good at adjusting and solving problems which can be perceived by our senses. But unfortunately, we aren’t as good at problem solving when it comes to things we can’t see, touch, hear, smell or taste. What do you believe about something

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