EMB Blood Test

How does an EMB test work?

An EMB blood test (Energetic Morphological Blood test) is done with a small finger prick and not an invasive medical needle kind of operation. So, no, it won’t ask much of your pain tolerance level..

I sometimes wonder: why do we do annual maintenance on our car, but not on the vehicle of our life? You can compare the EMB blood test with a periodic motor vehicle test (APK in Dutch). It provides in depth information about your overal physical and mental condition, intolerances, stress parameters, gut health and much more. See more details below by clicking on the toggle menu. 

The energetic morphological blood test helps to give insights we wouldn’t otherwise get. We can discover intolerances, disturbances, blockages and deficiencies which could be the cause of your health issues. Think of (chronic) fatigue, intestinal/bowel problems, skin issues, mental health challenges, stubborn weight, hormonal imbalances, headaches and other vague symptoms. 

What values are measured and analysed?

✓ Vitamin deficiencies
✓ Mineral deficiencies 
✓ Deficiencies of trace element
✓ Fatty acid index
✓ Hormonal disturbances 
✓ Neurotransmitter profile 
✓ Stress parameters 
✓ Adrenal status 
✓ pH balance 
✓ Energetic and mederian blockages
✓ Pancreas insufficiency 
✓ Microbiome status 
✓ Thyroid function
✓ Pituitary imbalances

✓ Gluten
✓ Lactose 
✓ Egg
✓ Soy
✓ Sugar
✓ Wheat
✓ Cow dairy 
✓ Goat dairy 
✓ Artificial sweeteners
✓ Preservatives 
✓ E621 (MSG/taste enhancer)
✓ Exorphin 
✓ Fructose 

✓ Parasite load
✓ Bacterial load
✓ Viral load
✓ Fungal load
✓ Toxic load
✓ Radiation load
✓ Free radical load
✓ Lyme load
✓ Liver & kidney load
✓ Bowel load
✓ Oxidative stress
✓ Glutamate load
✓ Histamine load 

✓ Hemoglobin (Hb)
✓ Hematocrit (Ht)
✓ Platelets
✓ Red blood cells (erythrocytes)
✓ White blood cells (leukocytes)

Who is the EMB test for?

This is for you if you want to:

✓ Do a broad and diverse health check and work on optimising it
✓ Understand and improve your heath related symptoms 
✓ Improve your overall health, including energy levels, mood, stress management, gut issues, etc.
✓ Break the pattern of relapse and bad habits
✓ Gain knowledge about the functions, systems and mechanisms of your body and the influence of nutrition and lifestyle

It’s not your you if you:
✗ Are not ready to put in the work or rather wait for chemical pills
✗ Are not ready to face potential confrontation


Package I

  1. 1st consultation (± 45 minutes): intake + blood sampling
  2. 2nd consultation (± 60 minutes): review results and personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement advice + orthomolecular EMB report 

What's included?

 2 consultations
Blood lab analyses + shipment + blood test kit
✓ Practical personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice
✓ Personal plan and advice during 2nd consult based upon EMB report 
✓ Routine and habitual tips 
 EMB report
✓ Online health questionnaire

Total package price €219,-

Package II

  1. 1st intake consultation (± 45 minutes) + blood sampling
  2. 2nd consultation (± 60 minutes): review results and personalised advice + orthomolecular EMB report + document with practical advice 
  3. 3rd consultation (± 45 minutes) 1 month after test results are discussed
  4. 4th consultation (± 30 minutes) 3 months after test results

What's included?

 All 4 consultations
Blood lab analyses + shipment + blood test kit
✓ Practical personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice during 1st (intake) consult to get started right away. 
Practical, routine and habitual tips 
 Written orthomolecular report with nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice based on blood result.
✓ Personalised and practical Email advice after 1st consultation 
✓ Online health questionnaire
✓ EMB report
✓ Personal plan and advice based upon EMB report and adjustments during follow-up consults 

Total package price €269,-

Are you bloody ready?

Good to know

The pricing for the EMB blood test packages include: the test kit, shipment, laboratorium analyses, time for preparation and administration, consultations and writing reports.

Lab research is done in the Netherlands. We can discuss options if you want to test from overseas. Online consultancies and blood sampling on your own are both possibilities. Please reach out

The test results will be in Dutch which I personally translate to English when consultancies are preferred to be in English. 

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