“Goodbye, friend” A heart touching song of the whales

We’re on a boat headed to Julian Rocks to dive and swim with some fish. On the way we got some other fish cruising along. We’re sailing along the coast of Byron Bay, a little surf town on the East coast of Australia. And…

Hold on.

I’m going to break down what’s going on. Because there’s actually much more that’s going on right now.

I’m on a boat with a mom and a baby humpback whale cruising along next to us. The mom is tired of the long journey from the past months, but new life is born and cruising along on her side. She’s using Byron Bay as a place for protection, to rest and recharge.

4 months ago the first humpback whales travelled up north to the tropical waters of Australia to give birth to new life. After the babies are strong enough for colder water they travel a long journey down south with their mom. Now, 4 months later the last whales are on their way down back to the cold, nutrient waters of the Antarctic. 

The whales and dolphins we saw were an amazing present we didn’t expect. As I mentioned I’m heading to Julian Rocks. To finish one of the most interesting courses I’ve done. My friend and I started a free dive course the week before. No oxygen tank and no noisy regulators. Just a deep breath of air and a calm mind to get closer to all species of the big blue.

We arrive at Julian Rocks, sacred ground to the native Australians. Geared up I jump in the water. Surrounded by colourful fish, turtles, sharks, an eagle ray and some other species. I calm myself down, take a deep breath and immerse myself into the blue. Soon, after a few meters of descending I hear something I’ve never heard before: the song of the whales. A loud song of the male whales to communicate. Or maybe attract the ladies? Anyway, it’s impressive, beautiful and it vibrates through your whole body.

After an hour we finished the course and got out of the water with purple lips and shivering bodies. We actually didn’t do much else than listening to the singing whales and holding on to rocks on the bottom. As we’re heading back to the harbour memories of last months in Byron Bay are flashing by. Byron Bay, an amazing surf town, the most interesting place I’ve been so far with people jamming and busking on every corner. A place where being different and yourself is accepted. A town driven by big dreams, creativity and an awesome community.

So, to Byron Bay:

Thank you for letting me put my footprint on your squeaky sand, breathe in the salty air underneath a parachute that had saved my life, swim and dive in the deep blue, glide over your waves, wander around your musical streets, for all your scenery from the mountains, to the lighthouse, to all your beaches and for the unique vibe and lifestyle.

Keep being a happy dream place.

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