The Journal: "Gone Mellow"

Have a seat, dear, turn on some background tunes and get ya’self comfortable.
After I’m done making you this brew you and I are gonna dive into some stories. 
But you may never leave...

The world is your oyster, mentor and home.

I slung a pack on my back in 2015. A lot has changed since and writing has become an outlet and creative hobby in the years on the road. This journal is my window to the world, where I share personal experiences, lessons and reflections. It gets a lil’ chaotic from time to time, but — as my mum would say — chaos is also a system.

Why would you read stories of someone you don’t know? I don’t know. Wanna know more? Head here. 

"Gone Mellow, where chaos and peace meet, In the search of balance, driven to create a tribe of story tellers, which we all are."

Seek and you'll find

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