Lifestyle Reprogramming™

Ignite Your Spark & Become Sapiens Again

Lifestyle Reprogramming™ Philosophy

The Homo sapiens, technically the most advanced species on our planet. We can write books about ourselves — and, hack, we have. We have the ability to adapt to our environment like no other species (as far as we currently know) ever lived before. Our adaptability is our greatest gift, yet, simultaneously, our biggest pitfall. Many of us are trapped in monotonous loops, ill bodies and self-sabotaging beliefs.

How is this possible?

As Theodosius Dobzhansky would say: “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”We’re living in a modern world with a brain and body that still functions like that of our ancestors — the hunter-gatherer. We have unlimited access to clean water and food, safety, warmth, information, and we have countless ways to socially connect. For our ancestors, this must have been the unimaginable and, well, a pretty insane world. But it’s not enough.

So, what’s missing? 

The world we have created provides us in our most basic human needs, but the system fails to provide us true vitality, purpose and inner peace. Yet, I cease to believe it has to be that way! Living in the modern world does not mean we have to become a generation that feels stressed, overworked, unhealthy, addicted, uninspired, anxious and tired. Frankly, I believe the world is full of opportunities we’ve never ever had before. This is our time. You and I can break the mould. This is the greatest time to learn, to grow and to shine so that we can share it and uplift each other. What I believe is missing today is what our ancestors used to have and we don’t: a balanced lifestyle, a tribe and purpose. 

With bold honesty I want nothing rather than inviting you in — if you’re motivated — and create a grand ripple effect. 








Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics





Lifestyle Reprogramming™ Introduction

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you've always had."

I’m pleased and excited to welcome you on the journey of vitality. Because that’s what it is all about. When you learn how to redesign, reconstruct, and reprogram your mind- and lifestyle, your world will change. If you are not afraid to think outside of the box,  ready to stretch your comfort zone and are willing to dedicate time and energy into yourself I don’t believe you will ever regret participating in this training. 


Basically, it's for you if you're ready to be weird. 


Because we're living in a world where normal is ..... 

If you want to invest a buck, energy and time into yourself and take responsibility for your life I think this training can greatly benefit you. 

What you'll get

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For the whole course including Q&A and personal support within 72 hours.

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If you're still hesitant you can always reach out to me and drop your questions. So that I can basically convince you that life is too exciting to live amongst the 'normal'.


And, jokes aside, I also offer a 'not-happy, very frustrated' money back guarantee. So it makes it pretty much risk free. 

Unlock Your crazy Potential

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Pleased To Meet You, Renzo Here!

Renzo Kaashoek

“I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanisms and the possibilities of the human body and mind. As an orthomolecular epigenetic therapist, coach and a trainer of over a handful of different sports, I find great fulfillment in helping people overcome their obstacles, heal and thrive. I have integrated different approaches into my work such as nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching, natural medicine, personal training and more. I don’t think anything inspires me more than witnessing people confronting and overcoming their obstacles and challenges.”

Seek and you'll find

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