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Lifestyle Reprogramming Philosophy

The Homo sapiens, technically the most advanced species on our planet. We can write books about ourselves — and, hack, we have. We have the ability to adapt to our environment like no other species – as far as we know – ever lived before. This adaptability is our greatest gift, yet, simultaneously, our biggest pitfall. Because we also adopt to an environment unsupportive of living inspiring lives. Many of us are living in cultures of people trapped in monotonous loops, ill bodies and self-sabotaging beliefs. 

These people keep themselves from living out their potential, their dreams and their purpose. If this is you, I have quite a positive message for you. This isn’t your faultTheodosius Dobzhansky once said: “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”. We’re biologically programmed to meet the values and the needs of the tribe. But what do you do when the whole tribe is (mentally) ill? I think this is a more relevant question than ever before. Do you adapt, or do you take leadership? I think we need people to stand up, fuck the status quo and lead from the heart

Living in the modern world does not mean we have to become a generation that feels stressed, overworked, unhealthy, addicted, uninspired, anxious and tired. Frankly, I believe the world is full of opportunities we’ve never had before. This is our time. You and I can break the mould. This is the greatest time to learn, to grow and to shine so that we can share it and uplift each other. All the opportunities are right there and 80% of it is low hanging fruit. 

What if we can make our biology work FOR us instead of against us? What would life be like if a healthy and empowering lifestyle feels fun and exciting. You knowing how your body works with the tools and knowledge to take care of it. What if you have your mind trained in ways that empower you. And when waking up feeling energised and inspired is the new normal. To go to bed at the end of the day feeling fulfilled. Imagine living a life in which you feel passionate about what you do and how you spend your time.

What I wish to carry out in this training is to provide stepping stones, knowledge and inspiration to live an empowering lifestyle. Because it doesn’t take moving mountains or throwing the world upside down. What it takes is a vision, consistency, knowledge and a strong desire to become greater than who you think that you are right now. That’s what you’ll learn in this training. 

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Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics





Challenging the status quo

Vitality is a journey. That’s the way I see it, because you never ‘reach’ vitality. You live it. It’s a lifestyle. Based on an analogy I’ll use different elements and phases of a journey: the Compass, the Vessel, the Storm, the Captain and the Return. 

Calibrate Your True North


Identity, habit(-ual behaviour), leadership, connection

The Vessel


Physical health. Covering gut health, metabolic health, nutrition, movement, (chronic) disease, etc.

The Captain


Mental health. Covering neuro-transmitters, building blocks, influence of lifestyle, stoic concepts, etc. 

The Return


Passion, dark side, purpose, integration

Highest Self


Epigenetic, evolution, quantum physics, etc.

 2 hours Of Video Content
✓ Exclusive Content: PDF’s, Podcasts and Articles
✓ Monthly Q&A Sessions
Access To LR Group


Who Is It For?



Early bird: €147,- (stay up-to-date)

After release: €287,-

What is Included?


  • 1 Personal Consultation
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Access To The Lifestyle Reprogramming Groups Chat
  • PDF’s
  • Training Content With [X, Updated soon] hours of video material
  • Implementation Plan 
  • 1 Year Access (because why would you wait?)

Coming soon.

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Not Sure Yet?

If you’re still hesitant you can always reach out to me and drop your questions. So that I can basically convince you that life is too exciting to live amongst the uninspired ones.

And, jokes aside, I also offer a ‘not-happy, very frustrated’ money back guarantee. So it makes it pretty much risk free. 

Training will be coming out soon.

Pleased To Meet You,
Renzo Here!

Renzo Kaashoek

“I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanisms and the possibilities of the human body and mind. As an orthomolecular epigenetic therapist, a trainer of over a handful of different (adventure) sports and life enthousiast, I find great fulfilment in helping people overcome their obstacles, heal and thriveI don’t think anything inspires me more than witnessing people confronting and overcoming their obstacles and break out of who they think they are or “have to be”.”

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