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Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics







Pleased to meet you, Renzo here!

Pleased to meet you, Renzo here!

A professional daydreamer and lifestyle artist committed to helping groups and individuals perform better, grow, heal and live authentically. 


“I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanisms and the possibilities of the human body and mind.”

No one-size fits all 
No one-size fits all method, short-cuts or magic pills in my alley. The average person has one testicle and one boob, it means there ain’t no average person. I try to work with each individual in a way that suits them best and get on track towards a place of health, joy and more life satisfaction.

My highest essential
Since my 20th a backpack had always been my toolkit and my highest essential. This has helped me to shift perspectives and interact with humans from different backgrounds and cultures. But unfortunately, I also encountered a lot of struggle around the world with mental-, physical-, spiritual-, financial- and social chaos. These experiences and personal lessons made my highest essential shift from my backpack, to my purpose — to help people live self-reliant lifestyles, through which they can live and lead with great health, joy and authenticity.


Anaïta Nasser
Life Coach

“I would like to advise everyone to do an annual check [EMB Blood test] with Renzo. After the extensive report of the blood-test Renzo took a lot of time to explain, and discuss the results. I learned a lot from Renzo and it brought me further in my process. My health complaints were mostly related to gut- and hormonal issues. Renzo was able to give me insight into the source of underlying issues and how they result on the surface, but also how to heal them. 

I especially liked the extensive explanation of the practical steps to take and goals to set. Apart from nutrition tips he dove deep into which supplements to take and not to take, more relaxation tips and improving my sleep. 

Renzo works professionally and with a lot of patience and attention.”

Lifestyle Reprogramming.

You're not designed to live in a slur. Neither are you here to play it small.
And above all — your genes aren't your destiny.
Regain focus & self-discipline. Discover the power of your mind.
And implement sustainable habits.

Change your lifestyle from the inside-out.

My work is based upon

As a graduated orthomolecular epigenetic therapist I use a combination of science based evidence and practise based evidence approach to my work.  This means that I use modern science as well as paying attention to, and implementing, achieved results.

Science Based Evidence

Practice Based Evidence


Deep dive into human potential & lifestyle-design

Everything You Need To Know About Omega-3

Omega-3, Everything You Need To Know About This Essential Nutrient

Omega-3 is an essential fatty-acid, which means that our bodies can’t make it, and thus we have to get it from our diet. It improves overall health such as eye and brain health, brain function, fights inflammation, prevent degenerative disease, fight depression and anxiety, supports immune system, and much more. The bottom line? It’s well

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COVID-19 Prevention, Support Your Immune System

From a historical point of view we already know that humans are naturally really good at adjusting and solving problems which can be perceived by our senses. But unfortunately, we aren’t as good at problem solving when it comes to things we can’t see, touch, hear, smell or taste. What do you believe about something

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Freedom And Commitment Go Hand In Hand

I used to believe that turning away from commitment provides freedom. Because, if you don’t commit you’re free like a bird, right? But there’s something I was missing. Birds commit. Birds build nests, birds take on huge migrations annually, birds collect food daily, ect. Birds are free, not despite, but because they commit. Contents: First things first

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