Orthomolecular Consulting

Because, vitality matters.

Are You Facing Challanges Such As:

 Inability to relax or easily triggered for stress
● Stubborn kilo’s on your body or not enough of it
● Mood swings, emotional lows or brain fog
● Digestive issues or other vague symptoms such as acne, eczema or fragile nails, thin hair, etc.
 Low or inconstant energy levels 
● Easily distracted, memory loss or struggle to concentrate
 Poor sleep quality 
● Low immune system
● Gut related issues 

Whether you’re a top athlete who wants to improve performance, if you’re struggling with stubborn pounds on your body or not enough of it, if you want to change your diet like going plant-based or if you’re facing health related issues, I’d love to help you. I provide personal advice and guidance around nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, stress reduction and movement. I support and prioritise getting to know yourself better, physically, but also emotionally so you can make choices that are good for you.

Check out this page if you want to dive deeper.

Are you looking to:

✓ Improve energy levels and decrease stress
✓ Understand and improve heath related symptoms 
✓ Improve your overall mood
✓ Break the pattern of relapse
✓ Get personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement advise  
✓ Improve (stress) resilience
✓ Gain knowledge about the functions, systems and mechanisms of your body
✓ Become more mindful

It's pilot time!

I’m really excited (I just can’t hide it) to take the path to something I’ve always loved. I’ve been giving a lot of support and advise to people around me, so it’s time for the next step — pilot sessions.
It’s a small fee, but I’m not afraid to say that we can achieve great results together. 
Take your chance — and change … — and grab one of the spots for the pilot price before they’re gone!

What Working Together Can Help You With

  • Overcome (mental) health related challenges and issues

    A lot of people don't realise how much their lifestyle and diet can trigger health issues, but also how the deficiency of essential nutrients cause these symptoms. Together we'll lay out your medical history, current situation and identify the things that trigger symptoms. Symptoms include gut related issues, the inability to relax, low energy levels, poor sleep (quality), overweight, high blood pressure, skin issues, depression, AD(H)D, belly discomfort, mood swings, regular headache, etc.

  • Personalised nutrition guidance

    Whether you're a top athlete and want to perform better, you're struggling with overweight and are sick of diets and calorie-counting, you want to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet or if you just want to feel better in your skin. I'm here to help you. Providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly is essential.

  • Personalised supplement advice

    If you are considering to start taking supplements or you are taking supplements and you are seeking advice.

  • Grow (back) into your most vital self

    Become the embodiment of the tools, routines and knowledge which help you to feel healthy, alive, confident and mindful. I'll support you by providing the tools, accountability, feedback and space you need to grow towards optimal health and identify challenges and blind spots that are holding you back from change.

  • Empower you to walk your own path and make your own choices

    Are you chasing your own goals or the goals of others in hope of their approval? I know it's a tough question, but it's an essential one. I'll empower you to make choices that are good for you and to take steps in the direction that serve you as an individual.

Personal Orthomolecular Advice

  • Step 1: Free Intake Call

    A free 10 minute intake call to "get a feel for each other" and ask each other questions. No strings attached!

  • Step 2: Extended Questionnaire

    I'll send you an extended questionnaire to get an idea of your current lifestyle, diet and medical history, but also your goals and the challenges you’re facing. This will help us to get practical quicker and meet results faster.

  • Step 3: Consulting Session

    A 1 hour coaching session (online or in-person) where we'll focus on practical lifestyle tips, nutrition and supplement advice to meet your desired results.

  • Step 4: Follow-up Email

    I'll send you a follow-up Email with the practical tips, steps and advice, which you can go through on your own and at your own pace.

  • Step 5: Potential Follow-up Session

    When you come back for the next session we'll asses and discuss the progress and take the next steps forth. Follow-up sessions are €29,50 for a 30 minute session.

Private Consult

30% Pilot Discount — VAT Included
  • Online Or In-Person
  • 1 Hour — Consulting Session
  • Email Support Follow Up
  • Practical And Personalised
  • Follow-Up Session — 30 min. — €29,50
  • In English Or In Dutch
Pilot price
Renzo Kaashoek

Hello, I'm Renzo!

A smiling fella from the Netherlands who loves a good chat, the road, to be active and to write from time to time. I’ve always been captured and fascinated by the mechanism and the possibilities of the human body and mind. With a background in board sport-, martial arts- and yoga teaching, a degree in sports and movement and as a recognised orthomolecular health advisor I’m moved to create more awareness around our wellbeing, lifestyles and human potential. 

I look at health and wellbeing as a journey, rather than a destination. This journey inspires me to share and guide people to embody their vitality and thrive from the inside-out. As my dedication to sharing, guiding and supporting grows I’m feeling more and more fulfilment and joy within my own life. It’s my mission to help people approach their health from a place of self-love and become the embodiment of their nature, vitality and life force.


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