Vitamin D3 & K2


10 milliliter (or 30 milliliter)


  • Highest bioavailable (absorbable) form D3 and K2 MK-7
  • D3 and K2 combined for ultimate, synergistic effect
  • D3 has countless health promoting effects*
  • Sunflower oil which is a more suitable carrier than olive oil
  • A high daily dosage of 62,50 µg (2500 IU)
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Highest bioavailable (absorbable) form

An insufficient of vitamin D level is a common trait especially in countries further away from the equator and in winter. A balanced and diverse diet can help prevent a deficiency, but most of the time it’s not enough. Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) are found in mushrooms and animal products as they make vitamin D in the same way as humans do, with the exposure to sunlight (UV radiation). D3 is the substance form which our body naturally makes through UV radiation, which means that it has the highest bioavailability (the ability to be absorbed by our body). Just as vitamine K2’s highest bioavailable substance form is menaquinone 7.

D3 & K2 combined

Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium*. Though, this can have a problematic effect when vitamine D is supplied in higher dosages (over 75 mcg), which is occasionally prescribed to reach a certain level of health promoting effects (think of severe deficiencies). This sun vitamin improves the calcium absorption, but doesn’t regulate the transport of all this extra calcium. This could potentially result in calcium deposits in the kidneys and blood vessels. This is when blood brother K2 comes into play. This calcium distributor takes care of transporting the extra absorbed calcium to the right location where it serves an optimal function, the bones*.

Infographic Vitamine D3 & K2

Countless health promoting effects

The idea that vitamine D is found in your diet as well sounds great, but the amount is negligible. to give you an idea, you need to eat 500 gram of wild salmon a day to provide your body with enough vitamin D. So, the sun is a much better source, but in a lot of countries further away from the equator the strong isn’t strong enough year round. A rule of thumb is that you need to be bigger than your shadow. This means that if the sun isn’t high enough, its UV radiation isn’t strong enough for your skin to make vitamin D. So, especially in the darker months, supplementing the important sun vitamin seems to be a necessity, rather than a luxury. The health promoting effects of vitamin D are endless. It supports the cell devision, calcium absorption in the bones and is great for the muscles*. On top of that it has a positive influence on our immune system en supports the maintenance of strong bones.*

Sunflower oil, which is more suitable than olive oil

When it comes to baking and frying olive oil is a healthier choice, a conclusion we don’t need really need to dive into anymore. Though, the amount of sunflower oil is such a small dosage that we can hardly really talk about health promoting facts of the carrier oil. So, you’ll probably want to know why sunflower oil is the carrier? It’s because K2 settles in olive oil. This results in a disproportional amount of K2; one daily dosage would contain more K2 than the other. So, the solution is sunflower oil in which K2 doesn’t settle, which results in a consistent proportion of K2 and D3 in every drop.

High dosage of 62,50 µg (2500 IU)

Vitamin D3 & K2 from Vitakruid is the leading product for rebalancing. The high dosage of vitamin D3 in this rich formula makes sure your vitamin D blood level will be back to balance in the shortest time.

* Approved health claims:

  • Vitamin D improves a healthy calcium blood level, supports calcium balance and calcium absorption in the bones.
  • Vitamin D and vitamin K play a role in bone formation, are good for the skeleton and the maintenance of strong bones.
  • Vitamin D supports the cell devision process and the growth and development of tissues.
  • Vitamin D supports the immune system.
  • Vitamin D supports strong muscles and bones.
  • Vitamine K supports the absorption of minerals (calcium) in the bones.
  • Vitamin K supports well-functioning blood clotting.


I’m not allowed to give (complete) claims about the applications of this supplement by law. But for more information you can always reach out to me, do your own research and/or learn more here.


Take 1 to 2 drops daily, unless subscribed otherwise. Don’t exceed the recommended daily intake.


Vitamin D3 (62,50 µg (2500 IU): 1250%*), Vitamin K2 MK7 (45 µg: 60%*), Sunflower oil (carrier), D-alfa-tocopherol (natural antioxidant).
Contains no: GMO, gluten, yeast, lactose, sugar, artificial colouring or preservatives.

Composition per dosage (2 drops) RI*
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 62,50 µg 1250%
Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7®, menaquinone-7 K2) 45 µg 50%
* Reference-Intake ** No RI established 


Not suitable for children under 10 years. Keep out of reach for children. Keep in dry environment and room temperature (15-25 °C).
A healthy lifestyle is important, just as a diverse and balanced diet. Supplements are no substitute for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet.


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