The Journey into Holistic Health & Wellbeing

“If you see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. 
Your own path you make with every step you take.
That’s why it’s your path.” — Joseph Campbell


To educate, support and coach you on how to create an internal and external environment which supports the body- and mind’s magnificent ability to heal itself.


It’s my mission to create a more vital and happy world and see less people die because of preventable causes. I believe good self-care is the corner stone to feel vitally alive and to be able to embody your full potential. 


I use a holistic, non-bullshit approach to health and wellbeing. Removing, detoxing, repairing, restoring, maintenance, prevention and resilience are part of the process to healing. We’ll zoom in on symptoms, nutrition, environment, lifestyle and mind style and boost your vitality with a personal plan including aspects such as proper nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, stress reduction, breath work, restorative sleep, finding life purpose and passion, (social-) environment and supplements (I don’t prescribe drugs, nor medicine). 
I’m motivated to invest my time, full commitment and energy only to those who want to take their health serious and are ready to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. 

What is Holistic Health ?

I look at health and wellbeing from a lens of prevention and resilience, improvement, overall life enjoyment and life force. In my eyes the currency of health and wellbeing is energy, because when you’re feeling energised everything becomes easier and more enjoyable. In order to be more energised it’s important to have a personal- and holistic approach — incorporating physical, mental, emotional/social and spiritual health. 

But, what does that mean? 

Holistic health is more than a diet, calorie-counting or merely losing weight. It is not only what we consume through our diet, but also what your brain consumes. Your thoughts, the conversations you have, your perception of life and the world, etc. Are we on the same page? Health is a lifestyle which embodies physical activity, a supportive (social-) environment, proper nutrition, stress reduction, high quality sleep, a positive mental state and emotional wellness, healthy relationships and having a sense of purpose and belonging. Health is so divers! A joyful state of being, the ability to adapt, fulfilment and life force are the byproducts of optimal health and wellbeing.

How our body works

With nearly everything that’s going on in the body (and brain) biochemical processes are involved. If we zoom in further we can see a marvellous play of countless differents substances: molecules, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, hormones, etc. 

Within our body we have millions of processes taking place per cell every second. Yes, that’s a lot. A good functioning of these processes are what’s needed for an optimal function of your body. 

This goes as following:

For a substance to convert from substance A to substance B we need plenty of other substances, which are called cofactors. Examples of cofactors are zinc, magnesium, vitamin b12, vitamin C, etc. When one of these cofactors are absent or the process is interrupted the process will stagger. Now, what is the consequence to that over time? That really depends on your body, and because everyone is different, there will be different consequences to that. Try to look at your body as a feedback mechanism. The language your body speaks is the one of symptoms

Unfortunately we’re not really taught to see our bodies like that. For the past decennia the focus of health has been fixated on weight-loss. It’s important to understand that when we experience poor digestion, fat accumulating in weird places, headaches, pain or lousy energy that it’s just feedback from your body. The body doesn’t have a voice but it will always give you signs and messages to let you know whether it’s happy or not. Your body doesn’t work against you. Your body is always working hard and looking for ways to keep you ALIVE! Which is why we have to learn to embrace that part of our body. We have to learn to see these signs as gifts, asking us to eat, drink, move, breath, think, believe or perceive in a different way. This will help you to see your body as an vehicle to have a stronger, healthier more vital experience of life.

What is your priority?

We’re bombarded with information around health and lifestyle about what to do and what not to do. From the media, to the internet, to our social circle; everyone is saying something else. So, what do you believe? 

I don’t believe there’s one truth. Ever heard of the saying that the average person has one testicle and one boob, which means: there is no average person. Everyone human is different and unique. There’s overall guidelines which are helpful to the majority. But from there you’ll have to tweak, adjust and experiment to find the right balance for yourself. It’s all about observing and tuning in.

The importance of health and wellbeing are gradually fading to the background and get lost under a pile of to-do list’s. Sooner or later too many people cross the threshold where exhaustion, health symptoms, frustration and stress feels like their “natural state of being”. The perception of importance — I’m also using these words intentionally — can confuse us from the things that are an absolute priority. I’m not afraid to say that our health and wellbeing is of utmost importance. Where are we without it? Unfortunately, we haven’t been taught the importance of our health in school and especially we haven’t been educated on ‘how to do health‘. What saddest me the most is that a lot of people are confronted with the truth when it might be too ‘late’! 70% of the population in our Western society dies because of chronic disease: diabetes II, cancer, heart disease, depression, stroke, etc. The list goes on. What is so sad about it is that 70%-95% of these diseases can be avoided ahead of time by setting different priorities on how to eat and how to live life. The body will start giving symptoms way before disease happens, but if we don’t learn the language of our body, how can we possibly understand what it’s trying to say? 

Here’s a question: “why do you do what you do, when you know what you know?“. Rationally you know what to do, so why don’t you do it? The obstacle is that most people aren’t emotionally engaged. Because they know they “have to” or someone told them to, because they want to look better on the Gram or because they dislike their not so ideal physical shape and/or performance. The key factor is becoming emotionally engaged. By understanding the magnificence of your body and mind, reconnecting with your body and by taking care of your body from a place of love you’ll start to experience how wonderful life can be. 

Remember, your body works for your. Not against you.  

The journey of health

Health is a journey and your body is your vehicle, as cliché as it sounds. I’d lie if I’d say that it doesn’t take constant work to be healthy and feel energised. But I also believe we can make it practical, enjoyable and 100% worthwhile. The choices you make are the ones leading you to your destiny.

Are you ready to take the next step?


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